Five Stars

Lars Petter Sveen


A raw and heartbreaking story told by a god given storyteller (…) a solid and vital literary work about people in a disastrous situation. Dagsavisen

Masterful on the refugee crisis. Lars Petter Sveen writes with great authority about one of the most burning issues of our time (…) Five stars is not just timely, it has the narrative drive of a thriller. Dagbladet, six out of six stars

Five young people fleeing through an unknown world.

Aisha and Said are child soldiers, but manage to escape from the camp outside Mogadishu. Later they meet Isir, Aaliyah and Khadar who is also on the run. The five decide to stick together and try to make it to Europe. But how do you survive in a world where you are unwanted by all?

This is the story about those who loose all and flee to nothing, but also about hope, commitment and friendship. And of who you become when no one knows you are.

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  • Fem stjerner
  • 2017
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • Fiction, Novel