The Winther Family

Katrine Wessel-Aas

THE WINTHER FAMILY is a lush series and a Norwegian historical feel-good drama. An intoxicating, enthralling and riveting journey in time and place. 

“ A wonderful journey, a fantastic family saga from Trondheim! The characters stand up from the pages. You get to know and like them. Enjoy. Read slowly.” Liv Gade, Bookinspirator

Cecilia Winther is Trondheim’s leading socialite. She lives a comfortable life of luxury on Market Street. Here she has created the perfect home and the perfect family together with her husband Karl. The other city women follow eagerly everything she says and does. But a new day is dawning, old traditions and wealth are on the verge of collapse. Summer 1898 is a turning point for Cecilia. Her oldest son moves back home with his new wife. Ellinor is new-rich, liberal and frightfully  modern. She questions everything in Cecilia’s life. And suddenly Cecilia feels she is losing her grip on everything and has to fight to save the family’s happiness.



Additional info

  • Familien Winther
  • 2018
  • PItch forlag
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 350 pages