Ingvild Solstad-Nøis

Eid’s marriage is over. Together with her teenage daughter Alida, she has moved to a small island community, where everything will surely be different.

Without hesitation she throws herself into her new existence, a keen observer and analyst of other people, of their problems and faults, and of her self and her relationships. Above all she observes Alida, and the two of them together. Eid has clear visions for the future. Alida needs help to find a solid platform, to stand up for herself and get a good life. And a friend.

Eid has the best intentions when she photographs Emma, the girl next door, dancing. She a large print of the photo to Emma, who feels that someone has seen her, for the first time. And Eid’s intentions are still good when she invites Emma’s father into her house. It looks like a friendship will grow between them, but Emma’s mother is less enthusiastic.

Eid is a sharply observed novel about a woman who tirelessly works on filling in the space between reality and ideals.

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Additional info

  • Eid
  • 2019
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 200 pages