Tina Åmodt

14 year old Doris and her father Roy Arne Holmås are on holiday somewhere along the west coast of Norway in a 50 ft yacht, also named Doris. Doris and her father have left her mother Bella and the other boats travelling with them, sailing aimlessly around along the coast.

Doris is increasingly frustrated with the situation, and is in opposition to both her parents and life at sea. What she really wants is to get to a place with a proper cell phone signal and to see her thirteen year older flame Jimmy again. What are her unpredictable father’s plans? Where are they going? And how long does he want them to be out at sea?

Doris is a sharp, humourous and painful portrait of life as a teenager and of a father- daughter relationship out of balance. It is a warm, merciless story of being under constant surveillance and about always being  watched by others.

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  • Doris
  • 2018
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 246 pages