Kjersti Bronken Senderud

In the park outside her city apartment the benches fill up with loafers, while school children and stray dogs play on the paths. The woman observing the spectacle from her window, has moved here with her husband:

She grows up in the countryside. She has a horse and a family, school mates and fairs and rural parties. Then she meets Bo. She is fifteen, he is 23, they move in together and learn to live in their tiny house, until one day it ends, as suddenly as it started.

Bo is a novel about burning love, about strength and vulnerability. The text moves along paths and roads, on horseback and on foot, in cars and on bicycles, in a landscape that opens and closes.

Praise for Bo:

“Brilliant and rich in images … a different, gripping love story”
Hamar Arbeiderblad

“A poetic novel … an image-rich style and a sense of rhythm many a poet can envy her … Bo earns my warmest recommendations”
Dag og Tid

“Senderud is skilled at provoking unease, but also at comforting it, and by switching between the safe and the threatening, makes the vulnerable narrator come across as strong, and the slightly rough, young man Bo comes across as shy and exposed. The main thread of their relationship, as well as the finely tuned, flowing way Senderud portrays it, makes one think of films like Terrence Malick’s Badlands (1973) and Andrea Arnold’s excellent American Honey from last year”

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Additional info

  • Bo
  • 2017
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 272 pages