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Simon Stranger

Simon Stranger (b. 1976) made his debut in 2003, and has since written ten boks for children, young adults and adults. His books for children and young adults have been translated into Swedish, Danish, German, French, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Kurdish. His latest children ’s book Kokotopia (2018) became an instant bestseller in Norway. Keep Saying Their Names is his first novel published by Aschehoug Forlag.

Book info
Foreign publisher
  • LanguageForeign publisher
  • American EnglishKnopf Doubleday
  • CatalanEmpuries/Grup 62
  • CzechOmega
  • DanishPolitikens Forlag
  • DutchHarperCollins Holland
  • FaroeseSprotin
  • FrenchEditions Globe
  • GermanEichborn Verlag
  • HungarianScholar
  • PortugueseQuetzal
  • SpanishSeix Barral
  • SwedishBokförlaget Polaris