Foto Photographer: Finn Ståle Felberg

Eirik Ingebrigtsen

Eirik Ingebrigtsen (born 1975) was born in Os, and made his debut with the novel Creature i 2001. He has since published a number of critically acclaimed novel, among them A Christmas Tale (2012), which was short-listed for the P2 Listeners’ Best Novel Prize. Together with Gunstein Bakke he edited the anthology Respons 22/7 (2011), an anthology of literary reactions to the terrorist attacks in Norway in 2011. Eirik Ingebrigtsen was awarded the Sult Prize in 2013, an annual award given to an outstanding younger writer. In 2016 he won the Nynorsk Literature Prize for the novel Nails from Falling Boards.

“Many authors write about people in vulnerable situations. But not everybody are able to portray vulnerability from within. The winner of the Hunger Prize 2013 depicts in an outstanding way people’s dependence on each other, across the generations.”
From the Hunger Prize jury statement

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