The Little Horse

Thorvald Steen

The Little Horse is a novel about the last five days of Snorre’s life. He lives in fear of his son, Orækja, who he is afraid will turn against him. Snorre sets out to write the story of his life, in which he plans to refute the allegations of those who oppose him in Norway and Iceland. His purpose is to defend himself against the malicious rumours put about that he is hungry for power and a faithless womanizer, but he has difficulties getting started. At the same time he cherishes the hope that he again will meet his true love, a woman capable of challenging him in every respect. Meanwhile, not far away the would-be assassins are preparing to carry out their ordained task.

With this book Thorvald Steen concludes his quartet of groundbreaking historical novels, which also includes Don Carlos (1993), Giovanni (1995) and Constantinople (1999).

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  • American English, British EnglishSeagull Books
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Additional info

  • Den lille hesten
  • 2002
  • Forlaget Oktober
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 224 pages