Be Kind to The Animals

Monica Isakstuen

Winner of the 2016 Norwegian Book Award Brageprisen

A small family of three is falling apart. They couldn’t make it. Karen couldn’t make it. While doing everything right – parting as friends, signing the papers for shared custody the way a modern woman is supposed to, everything inside her is rebelling. No, the child is mine. I’m its mother. There is nothing modern about me.

Karen questions her role as a mother without a well-functioning family? Is the daughter still hers when she is with her father? If you’re a mother one week, what are you the next? Be Kind to the Animals is a raw, warm, acute, but at the same time surprising novel about living in the ruins of a marriage with the one you care about the most – every other week.

Rights sold to

  • Language Foreign publisher
  • AlbanianAleph
  • BulgarianPerseus Publishing House
  • DanishGladiator
  • GermanEichborn Verlag
  • SwedishBrombergs

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Additional info

  • Vær snill med dyrene
  • 2016
  • Tiden Norsk Forlag
  • Fiction, Novel
  • 207 pages