Mission Mars 2. The Journey

Jørgen Brekke

The dream of the Red Planet!

The year is 2067. Twelve teenagers prepare a journey to Mars to meet up with the adults who are already there. But will they find the new world they are hoping for? The powerful tsar-regime in eastern Europe wields its swords and occupy Norway. Just before the twelve are to depart for Mars, their base is the target of a suicide attack. They just manage to escape in the space ship. On Mars new challenges await them. For who among them is a spy from the tsar-regime?

The Journey is second book in the Mission Mars-series, a sci-fi packed with adventure, love, secrets and future technology.

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Additional info

  • Oppdrag Mars. Reisen
  • 2017
  • Aschehoug Forlag
  • YA
  • 250 pages