Crime Controll as Industry

Nils Christie


Crime Control as Industry

Christie, Nils: Kriminalitetskontroll som industri

Full title: Crime Control as Industry. Towards Gulags, Western Style

Our type of society weakens the mutual control between individuals. At the same time, both wealth and employment opportunities are unequally distributed. The control industry subdues these problems both by controlling som individuals and by creating profit and jobs for others. This industry’s growth potential has in fact become so great it is necessary to limit its growth. Crime control rather than crime itself, according to Christie, is the real danger for our future. This book documents the enormous growth in the number of prisoners in recent years, particularly in Russia and the USA.

Praise for “Crime Control as Industry”:

“This book is yet another outstanding contribution from one of the world’s leading criminologists. Like all his work, it combines a magnificent personal quality with hard data and analysis” ( William J. Chambliss in The Criminologist)

“I regret I was not acquainted with Christie’s findings at the time I wrote “Modernity and the Holocaust”…Engaging with Christie’s argument is a must for those soscial scientists struggling to comprehend our modern world, even more so for those wishing to do something about its future.” ( Zygmunt Bauman in Sociology)

“Perhaps once again we need to turn to Scandinavians for a fresh look at our on system.” ( Marcia Chambers in The National Law Journal)

Translations: Chinese (Hung Yeh), Danish (Hans Reitzel, Copenhagen), English (Routledge, London), Finnish (Hanki ja Jää, Helsinki), French (Editions Autrement), German (Centaurus Verlagsgesellschaft), Hungarian (Osiris Kiadó), Italian (Elèuthera, Milan), Japanese (Shinzansha Shuppan, Tokyo), Lithuanian (Leidukla Eugrimas, Vilnius), Portuguese (Companhia Editora Forense, Rio de Janeiro), Russian (Moscow Center for Prison Reform) and Spanish (Del Puerto Editores, Buenos Aires)

First published: 2000, Universitetsforlaget

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  • Language Foreign publisher
  • Braz. PortugueseCompanhia Editora Forense, Rio de Janeiro
  • British EnglishRoutledge
  • Chinese (simplified)Hung Yeh
  • DanishHans Reitzel
  • FinnishHanki ja Jää, Helsinki
  • FrenchEditions Autrement
  • GermanCentaurus Verlagsgesellschaft
  • HungarianOsiris Kaidó
  • ItalianEléuthera, Milan
  • JapaneseShinzansha Publisher Co.
  • LithuanianLeidukla Eugrimas, Vilnius
  • RussianMoscow Center for Prison Reform
  • Spanish (Latin America)Del Puerto Editores

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  • Kriminalitetskontroll som industri
  • 2000
  • Universitetsforlaget
  • 196 pages