And I See You

Aadland Einar


Full title: “And I See You”. Scientific Theory and Method For Health and Social Studies

What can I know, and how can I know that I know? How can I understand others and how do I understand myself? What is my self-awareness, my prejudices, my presuppositions? And what is the significance of words, language and context?

Knowledge is still power. And still, people with power are rarely liked. But power is necessary to achieve benign objectives; the power of knowledge really means the freedom to choose between several alternatives. This book invites a dialogue about the deeper truths of knowledge. The author aims at presenting thought systems that can throw light on the key concepts, thought-patterns and problems that lie at the heart of contemporary health and social studies. It has been the author’s inspiration and challenge to construct a bridge between theory and practice, science and everyday life, a bridge built from frequent descriptions of clinical situations.
This introduction to scientific theory is at its best, in Aadland’s opinion, when providing an effective antidote and antibiotic to cocksure contentions and non-negotiable doctrines. He demonstrates how science’s most important theoretical traditions have influenced the theoretical knowledge and clinical practice of health and social studies. In this way, the author hopes, we will become not only more committed and critical, but also friendlier and more tolerant in our dealings with others.


Additional info

  • Og eg ser på deg
  • 2004
  • Universitetsforlaget
  • Health & Society
  • 320 pages