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Johan Falkberget

Author, farmer and Member of Parliament, Johan Falkberget (1879-1967) was born at the Falkberget farm, in the mining town Røros in Eastern Norway. He began his career as a miner, and many of his novels portray workers and conditions in the mining community. His literary breakthrough came with the novel The Fourth Night Watch (1923). In the years 1932-33, Falkberget represented the Norwegian Labour Party in Parliament.

Falkberget’s authorship spans from satire and humour to profound psychological accounts and religious intensity.

Torborg Nedreaas

Torborg Nedreaas (1906-1987) was a music teacher. She made her literary debut in 1945 with two short story collections. She has written a number of novels, short stories, radio dramas and plays for television theatre. The strong depiction of a woman in Nothing Grows from Moonlight (1947) was made into a awarded television miniseries in 1987. Nederaas was a frequently used causeur in radio and television. She was awarded the Critic’s Prize in 1950 and the Dobloug Prize in 1964.

André Bjerke

André Bjerke (1918-1985) was born in Oslo. He made his debut with a collection of poetry, Singing Earth. He was a versatile author, who has not let any genre escape his work. His essays and non-fiction often dealt with linguistic matters, and Bjerke had a column in the journal “Ordet” (“The Word”). Under the pseudonym Bernhard Borge, he wrote a number of crime novels. His 1942 book Lake of the Dead is regarded a modern classic, and is regarded as one of the best Norwegian crime novels ever written. It has been adapted into a highly acclaimed movie.

Bjerke’s reinterpretations include drama (Shakespeare, Molière, Goethe, Racine), lyricism (Rudyard Kipling, Dorothy Parker, Edgar Allen Poe) and prose (Hermann Hesse, Heinrich Heine, Karen Blixen).

Vera Henriksen

Vera Henriksen (1927-2016), who made her breakthrough as far back as 1961 with her first book, The Silver Hammer, was one of Norway’s foremost writers of mediaeval novels. Her work is wide-ranging, and all her novels are built on extensive research. She also wrote contemporary novels, plays, children’s books and, not least, a wide range of major non-fictional historical works.